Our Services

We are professionally trained artists who know proper lighting and posing to make you look your best. We have over sixty combined years of experience in professional photography, and have been honored to have been trained by the best and most famous in the industry, including Hollywood fashion photographers. Our style of photography is like no other in the area. We take a more dramatic, theatrical approach with each portrait carefully enhanced with proper lighting to give a more three-dimensional look. The result is much more cutting edge, modern and full of energy; not flat, dated and boring!


We are proud to be a full service studio.  We oversee the creation and quality of our product from start to finish in order to provide you with the finest quality portrait art available.  We do not sell our art on a disc, as we want you to have the finest quality memories to cherish for a lifetime and hand down through generations, and just a file on a disc is a disservice to you.  Today's generation is the most photographed generation ever, yet will have very few photos to share in generations to come.  Our mission is to provide those memories for the future generations.  #Print2Preserve


For more information on our services, please visit our main site at HousdenPhoto.com